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Thank you Cuyahoga county because nearly 100,000 people understood the vision!! People who have never met me or spoken to me, put their trust in me. For that, I will forever be humbled and grateful!! To the folks who voted for the other guy, I hope you hold him accountable for his actions and make sure that he EARNS your vote over these next 6 years.

Thank you to my friends, family, and the Cuyahoga County Republican party for supporting me on this journey!! None of this would have been possible without you!! I know that I've inspired people to fight for change!! Elected officials will be held to a higher standard. Let's make them earn our vote, rather than giving our vote based on a name and/or political affiliation. To those who worked hard to EARN our votes and trust, I salute you!!


Lon'Cherie' D. Billingsley, Esq.

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